Gmail Login Problem and How to Solve It

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Gmail Login Problem and How to Solve It

Encountering login problem when trying to open Gmail can happen to anyone. Since sending email is necessary these days and has become a form of communication, you have to understand exactly how to solve the problem. This way, you won’t get confused when someday you cannot login to your Gmail account.

Common Gmail Login Problem

Here is the list of the most common login problem when opening Gmail. If you cannot login to your Gmail account, the cause behind that problem must be one of these.

  1. Incorrect User Name and Password

Well, the most common login problem in Gmail is the incorrect user name and password. Once you forgot your Gmail username as well as its password, it is quite impossible to get access to your account.

  1. Virus and Spam

Another common login problem to Gmail is because of virus and spam. If your computer is not protected by antivirus, viruses can invade every single section of the computer and causes problem, including preventing you from entering your Gmail account.

  1. Problems with the Browsers

Sometimes when you cannot login to your Gmail account, the problem is not the account but the browsers instead. If the browser is outdated and full of junk (cache), you cannot do anything with it, including to login to the Gmail account.

Solving Gmail Login Problem

After finding out the cause of the login problem in Gmail, you also need to understand how to solve them. These are some of the solutions you need to know.

  1. Solving Gmail Problem Because of Incorrect User Name and Password

To solve login problem related to forgotten username and password, you can click the “forgot email” section down the login box. It should redirect you to several types of options to reset your password, including sending OTP to your phone or send an email to your backup email.

  1. Solving Gmail Problem Because of Virus and Spam

The only thing you need to do to clean up the Gmail login problem because of viruses and spam is to install a good antivirus program in your computer. Also, do not forget to clear the spam box in the inbox because viruses can definitely hide there.

  1. Solving Gmail Problem Because of Troubled Browsers

When the problem is the browser, there are several Gmail login problem solutions. First, check if the browser is long outdated. Update the browser to its newest version and try to login to Gmail with the newly updates browser.

Next, you can also check the browser’s cache and clean them up. Go to the browser’s setting section and clean the browser’s cache. You can also clean up the temp files of your browser and the restart the browser.

Those are some of the most essential things that you need to know about encountering problems when login to Gmail account. There are so many causes and you have to determine the exact cause before you can troubleshoot the problem. The solutions to the login problem have been explained above to help you out.